• Analysis and Design: New and Existing Structures

Investigate the challegnges of new building designs and the problems of existing structures in order to provide real solutions.

• Analysis and Design: Additions & Remodels

Work with clients in exploring the possibilities of improving a residence or commercial project and provide steps in creating a new part and/or total building.

• Preservation of Historic Buildings

Taking a structure with a unique Historical value and designing for its holistic repair so as to sustain original character and historical significance for future generations.

• Forensic Investigations & Consultations

Investigating conditions and liabilities (legal or otherwise) for existing problems and consulting with clients on applying scientific methods and techniques in order to repair damages.

• Construction Documents and Specifications

With a client's design in mind, we produce drawings, reports, and specifications necessary for completing any given project.

• Architectural Design Services

We take a client's preliminary ideas for a project and work with them through the entire design process to realize a completed building.

• Expert Consultation during Litigation

We have an extensive history with helping clients through the legal process by consulting with them on matters pertaining to structural issues and providing expert witness services on observations of the project in question.

Our Philosophy

Through respecting the possibilities of technology and the creativity of man, one can provide the necessary impetus to sustain and improve the built environment. From a rich and varied background in Architecture and Engineering we can design structures, solve problems, and benefit the world we live in. Knowing the practices, processes, and materials of construction, the needs of people can be met.

From the largest projects to the smallest details we infuse our extensive experience and ethics into the profession of building, the practice of business, and into all the work we do. We are always striving to meet the highest standards of service and ingenuity to provide our customers with the most timely and responsible solutions to the challenges they face: ensuring the trust and confidence of all we work with and the high quality of the products we produce.






Special Projects

"Scientists investigate that which already is; Engineers create that which has never been." — Albert Einstein