Residential and Commercial Engineering Services

Analysis and Design: New and Existing Structures

Investigate the challenges of new building designs and the problems of existing structures to provide real solutions.

Analysis and Design: Additions & Remodels

We work with clients in exploring the possibilities of improving a residential or commercial project and provide engineering solutions for new building sites.

Preservation of Historic Buildings

We take up projects of ancient historic buildings and design their holistic repair. It sustains the original character and historical significance of the monuments for future generations.

Forensic Investigations & Consultations

We offer investigating conditions and liabilities (legal or otherwise) for existing problems and consulting with clients on applying scientific methods and techniques to repair damages.

Lopez Smolens Associates, LTD

Construction Documents and Specifications

With a client's design in mind, we produce drawings, reports, and specifications necessary for completing any given project.

Our Projects

Residential Projects

  • Comprehensive dwelling services

  • Modification

  • Repair

  • Finished design

  • Natural building materials

  • Energy efficient design

  • Passive house

Lopez Smolens Associates, LTD
Lopez Smolens Associates, LTD

What We Do

  • Complete wood framing analysis & design

  • Concrete sister foundation support walls

We are experienced in engineering design. We offer professional consultations, structural analysis,  for a wide variety of projects. We are experts in green technologies and specialize in passive and active solar, photovoltaics, and energy-efficient construction.

Lopez Smolens Associates, LTD

Commercial Projects

  • Multifarious buildings for business and institutions

  • New and retrofit applications, all sizes and materials

Our Past Projects

  • National Center for Atmospheric Research: retrofit handicap access ramp

  • Henderson Civic Center: wood, structural steel, and masonry design

  • Estes Park High School: precast concrete construction

In commercial architecture and engineering, our firm applies all types of structural disciplines in conjunction with the latest technologies, materials, and construction methods. Differing user needs can require creative solutions of varying scales, to meet client and functional needs.

We meet this challenge by providing knowledgeable uses of various products.

  • Steel

  • Aluminum

  • Masonry

  • Concrete

  • Wood

  • Seismic resistance models

The appreciation of aesthetics drives the form and function of all our projects. At the same time, cost-effective practices enable us to meet the most stringent building demands and yield responsible results.

Historic Projects

  • Specialized assessments

  • Historical appreciation

  • Stabilization

  • Restoration

  • Preservation

Lopez Smolens Associates, LTD

Our Past Projects

  • Mining assay office: public restoration

  • Citizens' bank, pearl street mall: commercial modification and restoration

  • Walker ranch cabin: building preservation

  • Heil ranch barn: structural stabilization

Taking steps to ensure the fascinating history of remarkable buildings is our passion. When a crumbling structure is restored to an accurate-to-date condition, we can educate the public about what people did, how they did it, and what architectural forms were created to facilitate life in past times.

We work closely with many clients, such as the Boulder County Parks & Open Space and Historic Boulder, to reconstruct and preserve many of our landmarks. As expected, modern material choices, such as woods, metals, stone, need to blend in with the existing project, support the structure, and showcase the buildings unobtrusively and realistically.

Often, this challenge involves repairing and rebuilding to bring projects up to codes and specifications to make them safe for visitors while retaining the historical integrity and value of the edifices.

Lopez Smolens Associates, LTD

Forensic Projects

  • Essential assessments

  • Determination of failures

  • Repair solutions

Lopez Smolens Associates, LTD

Special Projects

Diverse and unique challenges met with creativity: designs and products with an unusual character.

Our Past Projects

  • Flagstaff amphitheater: historic retrofit handicap access ramp

  • Steel bracing for concrete foundation walls

  • Air-supported structure design

Here we excel in the art of engineering. Whether the project is a structural detail for reinforcing a cracking basement wall or designing an additional means of egress for a historic outdoor amphitheater set high in a Mountain Park, we do it all. We enjoy the opportunities for solving problems in the most ingenious ways.

Our clients can be extremely concerned homeowners with an immediate problem, a traveling rock-n-roll band needing a re-locatable structure for theatrical lighting, or a designer of an intriguing set of stairs for a challenging residential landscape.

Other Projects

  • Treehouses

  • Obstacle agility courses

  • Bridges

  • Tall light towers

  • Hot tub gazebos

  • Retrofit solar panels

  • Deck

  • Interior designs

  • Aluminum emergency stairs

  • Sculptural pergolas

  • Retaining walls

  • Creative engineering